Black Label Society has premiered the video for the song “Bored to Tears” —  and it certainly isn’t boring.

The colorful, psychedelic and frankly insane video finds Zakk Wylde and company rocking out in a crazy world populated by lollipops, dinosaurs and dancing turtles, among other happy creatures one might see under the influence of certain substances. You can watch it now on YouTube.

“With the new Black Label supah-exciting technicolor dream coat high calorie burning video for ‘Bored to Tears,’ I told Black Label director O’ Doom & Delight, Father Justin Reich, that i wanted to do an ‘exciting’ and ‘tough’ looking video in the movie genre style of Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson,” Wylde comments.

The guitarist continues, “After seeing the video, apparently Father Justin Reich doesn’t know who these legendary film icons are or has them confused with two other actors named Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson. Every time I watch this video I’m more confused than I was during the previous viewing.”

“Bored to Tears” originally appeared on Black Label’s debut album, 1999’s Sonic Brew. The band is re-recording the song, as well as the rest of Sonic Brew, for a 20th anniversary edition of the album, which arrives on May 17.

Black Label is currently playing Sonic Brew live on a North American tour, which continues Thursday in Denver.

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