The Cart Runneth Over: Man Accused Of Rolling Stolen Merchandise Out Of Mankato Business And Down The Street

(Mankato, MN) – An Owatonna man is facing criminal charges, accused of shoplifting a cart full of merchandise that he pushed out the store and down the street.

Shane Paul Johnson, age 39, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with felony theft for the November 9 incident.

According to the criminal complaint, a Mankato police officer saw Johnson struggling to push a shopping cart heaping full of a merchandise north on icy Sioux Road.  Police say the cart was so full that it was overflowing and Johnson had to stop to pick things up as they fell out of the cart.

The officer stopped behind Johnson, noted that most of the items were clearly tagged and brand new.  Johnson told the officer he’d purchased the items at and was on the way to get food at the mall.  Johnson couldn’t produce a receipt when police asked for it, according to the complaint.

When the officer contacted the store, they said they had just reported a man who had pushed a cart full of merchandise out of the store without paying.  A review of the store’s surveillance video confirmed it was Johnson, according to court documents.

The criminal complaint didn’t disclose the store, but police logs from the time of the report indicate that it was likely the Walmart on Madison Avenue.

The property Johnson had taken from the store was valued at $1,537.

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