(Sleepy Eye, MN) – The President and CEO of SouthPoint Federal Credit Union will retire next year.

Richard “Dick” Nesvold has been with the credit union since 1989 and CEO since 1996.  Taking over the helm of Southpoint as the Executive Vice President will be Jay Gostonczik, who is currently the Vice President of Retail Services.  Nesvold will be work with Gostonczik throughout the transition.

“I am pleased our Board has selected Jay to continue to build on SouthPoint’s success in strategic and innovative ways,” said Nesvold.

Gostonczik will begin his role by assuming day-to-day operations, then transition to president and CEO when Nesvold retires in the first quarter of 2020.  Gostonczik has been with SouthPoint since 2013, and has been instrumental in the expansion of mortgage and indirect lending.

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