Cynthia Grund mugshot

(Rochester, MN) – A woman arrested in Olmsted County for allegedly intentionally running over her son is the sister of Blooming Prairie murder suspect Lois Reiss.

Cynthia Grund, 58, is expected to face felony assault charges for the incident, which happened in rural Salem Township Monday evening.

Grund’s 37-year-old son began walking down the family’s rural driveway following a confrontation between the mother and son.  Grund told police during the course of the investigation that her son has a severe alcohol addiction and was not welcome at the residence.

Grund decided to pick her son up and give him a ride to the friend’s house, but he refused to get in her vehicle and instead asked, “Why don’t you just run me over?”  He then apparently laid down in the driveway in front of Grund’s 2004 Ford Explorer, which she alleged backed up before intentionally running over the man.

Lois Riess mugshot

Grund’s son was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester with severe injuries to his pelvis.

The case remains under investigation.

Grund is the sister of Lois Reiss, the Blooming Prairie woman suspected of murdering her husband before fleeing to Florida and killing a woman there.  Reiss was eventually captured in Texas.

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