(Mankato, MN) – Two people were killed in a motorcycle crash in Sibley Country Saturday afternoon when a wayward farm trailer collided with their bike.

Killed while riding a 2016 Harley Davidson was Marvin Duane Fandrich, 60, and Kathy Lynn Fandrich, 61, of Aberdeen, South Dakota.

The couple was eastbound on Highway 19 south of Arlington when the motorcycle collided with a farm trailer that had separated from a tractor, according to the state patrol.

The International Tractor had been westbound on Highway 19 and was driven by Curtis Marc Petzel, 60, of Arlington.

The Fandrich’s were deceased at the scene of the crash.  Petzel was not injured.

Petzel was involved in another fatal motorcycle crash less than two years ago.  In Gaylord in August 2017, he rear-ended a vehicle, causing it to spin into the oncoming lanes of Highway 19 and collide with a motorcycle, killing its rider.

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