(Redwood Falls, MN) – Police Chief Jason Cotner gave an update the search for a missing Redwood Falls teen at Tuesday’s Redwood Falls City Council meeting,

Thunder Brothersofall, 16, was last seen on Sunday at about 5:30 p.m. when he was swept away by the Redwood River while swimming with friends.

According to Cotner, local police and fire departments were first informed Sunday that a teen had become lost in the woods. It wasn’t until they investigated it became apparent Brothersofall had been swept away in the river, which is running higher and faster than usual because of recent rains.

Cotner said there will be rescue workers stationed on the swayback bridge in Ramsey Park 24 hours a day until Thursday, when another ground and air search will begin.

Cotner emphasized that Ramsey Park itself is not closed, but that several times police have removed well-meaning volunteers trying to help in the search, some even intending to use rubber rafts to search the waters.

“It is too dangerous for us to accept volunteers,” Cotner said, adding the cliffs and high river are treacherous. The last thing rescue workers need is to have to search for a second person fallen into the waters.”

The Redwood Falls Police Department continues to discourage the public from conducting their own search of the Redwood River, since water remains high and the currents are fast and erratic.

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