(Mankato, MN) –  Shhhhh.  If we don’t say it, it will go away.

Winter appears to be rearing its ugly head on the early side this year.  After dumping massive amounts of white stuff on Montana, the crotchety old man headed to northern Minnesota to dust up the countryside.  Now he seems to be lurking in our southern haven.

The week starts out in solid fall fashion Monday and Tuesday, with sunny skies and highs in the mid-60’s.  By Wednesday, things start to deteriorate, the forecast calling for gusty winds, rain, and thunderstorms.

Thursday night is looking potentially miserable, with rain, high winds, and an overnight low of 36 degrees.  But it’s the forecast for Friday and Saturday that begs a big WTF reaction.

The National Weather Service has predicted the “S-word” for Mankato on Friday and Saturday.  Why so vulgar NOAA?  What has southern Minnesota done to deserve “a chance of rain and s**w?”  Coupled with temps in the 40’s and winds up to 35 miles an hour, our weekend is sounding a bit too wintery for fall fun.

This is the time of year Minnesotans should drinking apple cider at a pumpkin farm while colorful leaves float to the ground, a smoky scent in the air.  Shovels don’t belong in this scene.

Back off winter.  Have a pumpkin muffin while you chill in the shadows.  We’re not ready for you yet.

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