(New Ulm, MN) – A 20-year-old Cambridge man is accused of inappropriately touching his sisters during a family gathering in Brown County.

Hunter Lee Rudolph, of Cambridge, has been charged in Brown County Court with two counts of gross misdemeanor criminal sex conduct for the December 22nd incidents.

According to the criminal complaint, one victim told police she and her twin brothers arrived in New Ulm, where they met their father and stepmother. The whole family began playing board games, drinking, and playing beer pong before dinner, according to the complaint.

The victim said she became so intoxicated that she had to vomit. After changing her shirt, she was approached by Rudolph, who grabbed her breasts through her shirt twice, according to the complaint.  The victim told police she thought her father had seen it happen the second time.  The victim said Rudolph then propositioned her to go downstairs.  When she declined, he touched her crotch, according to the complaint.

A second sister reported to New Ulm police that Rudolph had grabbed her breasts multiple times while he held her up because she was too intoxicated to stand.  She said she had told him no multiple times, but he wouldn’t listen, according to the complaint.  The victim said she had permission to drink that night.  The complaint does not state the victim’s ages.

Rudolph’s twin brother told investigators he had asked his brother why he was touching their sisters and told their father about the incidents.

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