(Mankato, MN) – Minnesota State University Mankato students and school officials broke ground today on a seasonal all-sports dome on campus.

Construction on the $5.49 million project begins this week and will be funded in part by an 83 cent per credit student fee that was approved by a student vote last December.  Community rental fees will provide revenue for operating costs and maintenance.

MSU Sports Dome

The dome, which will be inflated about six months out of the year, will be one and one-half soccer fields in size and will include baseball and softball batting cages, an attached support building with a check-in and lobby area, bathrooms, and storage space.

The facility will provide indoor space from mid-October through mid-April and outdoor turf space for the remainder of the year.  A wide variety of sports, including football, soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, rugby, and cricket will be accommodated at the space.

The dome will be located at the corner of Monks Avenue and Woodhaven Circle.  University parking lot 22 will be used for dome parking, while the adjacent free student lot 23 will remain intact.

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