(Mankato, MN) – Highway 93 into Le Sueur could potentially open today as flooding from the Minnesota River continues to recede.

According to a press release by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the river has receded from the roadway and could be open as early as this evening.  The road will be limited to a 7-ton axle for the next couple of weeks due to saturated soils under the roadway.

The Highway 93 bridge over the Minnesota River at Le Sueur has been inspected and deemed safe to open as soon as the debris is removed and the shoulder damage has been repaired.  The bridge deck did shift some, but bridges are engineered for movement and the shift was well within the acceptable range, according to MnDOT.

Water levels on Highway 93 from Highway 69 into Henderson are still too high to complete repairs, but crews continue to work to clear silt and tree debris.  There is no timeline for when that stretch of highway will reopen.

MnDOT says that Highway 19 from Highway 169 into Henderson is still unsafe for travel, as water continues to flow across Highway 19.

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