(Mankato, MN) – Mankato Public Safety and Mankato Public Works are asking residents to keep an eye on gutters that could potentially become clogged with debris.

Commander Jeremy Clifton with public safety said that amount of rain coupled with gutters full of debris can cause flash flooding on the roadways.

Clifton says the two departments are asking neighborhood homeowners to assist the two departments in keeping the roadways safe.  “If you can clean out the gutter yourself responsibly and safely we wouldn’t mind your help in doing that,” said Clifton.

If residents can’t clean a gutter safely, they are encouraged to call 311 to make a report – either about a gutter in their own neighborhood, or one they see while driving.

Clifton says they will log the reports of plugged gutters and provide it to public works so they can use the appropriate equipment to clear the gutters, making travel safer for everyone.

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