(Mankato, MN) – Mankato Public Safety says they are working with school officials to determine who was responsible for racist graffiti that was left outside West High School.

“I talked to our school resources officer this morning to determine if we had any new leads or if any information had developed had developed over the evening,” said Commander Jeremy Clifton of Mankato Public Safety said in a media briefing Wednesday.  “Nothing at this point,” he said.

The words, “immigration is white genocide” were spray painted on the sidewalk below the steps.

“Our school is, and will continue to be, a place were ALL students and staff feel valued and a sense of belonging,” Mankato West Principal Sherri Blasing said in a letter to parents.  “The incident is being investigated in partnership with public safety.”

“We checked some nearby businesses for some camera footage and are waiting to work with some management on that; we’re working with the high school, they’ve got some camera footage to see if we can determine who the individuals actually are,” said Clifton.

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