(Mankato, MN) – Mankato police say four people are in custody after a rash of burglaries near the Minnesota State University Campus.

Commander Matt DuRose said two 17-year-old juvenile males, and two 18-year-old men are in custody in connection with multiple burglaries.  DuRose said there are approximately six burglaries that happened between 600 block of Timberwolf Drive and 100 Briargate Road that police are investigating together.

The investigation initially started with the first call coming from the 600 block of Timberwolf Drive – the Quarters – at about 3:15 a.m. Thursday DuRose said additional in-progress burglary reports began to trickle in while investigators were on scene.  A juvenile male suspect was found in the area during the course of the investigation and taken into custody.   The other suspects were later found in close proximity.

Police believe that all of the apartments burglarized were occupied at the time.  Several reports were called in as people woke up to find someone in their apartment.  No one was injured during any of the burglaries, but DuRose said there were potential threats made.

Evidence and witness statements led police to believe the burglaries were connected.  Most occurred at residences that were unsecured.

Police received additional reports throughout the day of other burglaries that likely occurred overnight as people began to notice items missing from their homes.  “We expect that there’s potentially some other people that will be calling in, just based upon the circumstances,” said DuRose.  “We have recovered a number of pieces of property that we are able to tie back to a specific incident, but we do have some property that we just can’t tie back to a specific report at this time.”

According to DuRose, most of the items taken were electronics.

The alleged burglars have not been charged yet, but are being held on probable cause.  Police are not yet releasing their names, and say they are looking for other people.

Anyone discovering missing items that may have been victimized or anyone with additional information should contact police.

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