(Mankato, MN) – A Mankato man stands accused of abusing a woman and holding her against her will.

Court documents say 41-year-old Casey Laurence Ohotto punched his girlfriend repeatedly in the face and throat after the two became embroiled in an argument over her cell phone.  The victim told police the two had been in Ohotto’s work truck when he began yelling at her and threatened to drive into a pole to kill them both.  The woman said she had tried to escape the truck, but Ohotto told her he would run her over with his truck.

According to the complaint, Ohotto drove to his apartment, where the victim attempted to drive away in her own vehicle. But the woman said Ohotto again threatened her.  The victim said she went into the apartment, where Ohotto shoved her on the couch and grabbed her, which is when she began to scream for help.

A neighbor called police when she heard the screams.  Ohotto allegedly told the victim that she was to pretend to be asleep when law enforcement began knocking on the door.

Ohotto denied assaulting the woman and said she’d never been in his work truck, according to the complaint.  Police say the woman had obvious injuries, including redness and swelling around her mouth, bleeding from her lower lip, and red marks around her nose.

Ohotto is charged with felony counts of kidnapping, tampering with a witness, and threats of violence.  He also faces misdemeanor charges of domestic assault.

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