MANKATO — A Mankato man allegedly threatened a neighbor who called authorities to report he was illegally burning items, then fought with a police officer.

Timothy Lee Volk, 59, was charged Monday in Blue Earth County District Court with felony threats of violence and gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor counts of interfering with a police officer.

A police officer and firefighter responded to a illegal burning complaint at Volk’s Park Lane residence for the fourth time this year Saturday morning. They found plastic and metal burning in an unattended fire pit. They also found a sign in Volk’s yard that read “cop caller” and had an arrow pointing to a neighboring property.

Volk came out and approached the neighbor’s residence while yelling a death threat and a threat to burn down the neighbor’s house, the charges allege.

Volk then allegedly resisted arrest and a police officer scraped up his knees during the scuffle.


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