(Le Center, MN) – A man nicknamed “Stalker Mike” by New Prague area teens is facing criminal charges in Le Sueur County.

Mitchell Alexander Schroeder, 27, of Hutchinson, was charged in Le Sueur County Court yesterday with felony solicitation of child to engage in sexual conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, a New Prague mother reported to police on January 15th that her 13-year-old daughter had been contacted by Schroeder, whom New Prague juveniles had nicknamed “Stalker Mike.”  Schroeder was known by several New Prague area teen girls by his username Sneider.Mike01, according to the complaint.

The mother told police that Schroeder had been blocked by several girls on Instagram because he would request nude or provocative photos from the teens, the criminal complaint says.  According to the complaint, the mother created a fake Instagram account, pretending to be a 13 to 15 year old girl.  She contacted Schroeder on the Sneider.Mike01 account, which he uses to follow 1,600 young girls, the mother told police. Schroeder sent a photo of a man with an erect penis to the mother’s fake account, and requested nude or lingerie photos according to the complaint.

Schroeder initially told police he had three social media accounts, but admitted that he had created a fourth – the Sneider.Mike01 Instagram account – after police explained the investigation.  He said he had posed as a Minnetonka High School student on the account, according to the complaint.  Schroeder told investigators he knew he had “went a little far” and that he’d been seeking companionship.  He admitted to receiving 12 to 24 sexually provocative photos from teens ages 13-16, but said the photo of the man with the erect penis was from the internet, according to the complaint.

Investigators searched multiple devices belonging to Schroeder and found several topless and nude photos that appeared to be young females, but there were no faces to identify the girls and determine an age, according to the criminal complaint.

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