(St. Paul, MN) – Two southern Minnesota communities were awarded a combined four million dollars for water infrastructure improvements.

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority announced Tuesday that Hamburg and Tracy were two of three cities that would receive $5.3 million in funds to repair or replace their existing water infrastructure.

Hamburg will use a $1,382,070 Drinking Water Revolving Fund loan to construct a 75,000-gallon tower and replace and loop their water main.  The one percent loan is expected to save $170,994 when compared to market-rate financing.

Tracy was awarded a $904,358 PFA grant from the Water Infrastructure Fund.  The city also received a $756,735 grant and a $797,963 loan from the USDA Office of Rural Development.  Tracy will use the funds to replace the sewer collection lines and manholes in the area of Third St and Harvey St.

Red Lake Falls was also awarded PFA funding.

The Public Facilities Authority provides financing and technical assistance to help communities build public infrastructure that protects public health and the environment, and promotes economic growth.

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