(Mankato, MN) – It will be scarier than any costume you’ll see this year, and it’s real.

Southern Minnesota’s Halloween forecast looks spectacularly frightening, with snow and rain possible, according to the National Weather Service.

It may feel like a trick, but Mankato and the surrounding areas could be treated to snow before 2 p.m. on Halloween.  Rain is also possible in the late afternoon, which could dampen the desire to ding doorbells (for the grownups, at least).

The high temperature for Thursday is 38 degrees, with an overnight low of 24 expected.  A chance of nighttime snow could turn your boos to brrrs.

Prepare to listen to your children wail with horror as they learn their costume will be covered up by a parka.

Meanwhile, that delicious chill running down your spine?  That’s just a foreshadowing of how cold you’ll feel when you finish trick-or-treating for the night.

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