(Mankato, MN) –  Two drivers escaped injury, but North Mankato residents were without power for hours after a garbage truck hit a power pole in the Spring Lake Park neighborhood early this morning.

Xcel Energy crews work to repair damage caused a garbage truck that drove collided with a power pole in North Mankato – March 27, 2019

North Mankato Police Chief Ross Gullickson told SMN the West Central Sanitation truck hit the pole on Webster Avenue between Quincy and Cross streets at about 5:57 a.m. this morning.  Gullickson said the driver was unaware that he’d hit the pole, and continued eastbound down Webster, dragging power lines as he drove.

An MRCI bus in the vicinity was hit by the pole and a power line.  Gullickson said the driver of the bus, the only occupant of the vehicle, was uninjured.  The garbage truck driver was alone in the vehicle and also avoided injury, according to Gullickson.

Power has been restored, but Gullickson said there are still power lines down and Webster Avenue remains closed.

Power has been restored to the neighborhood.

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