(Mankato, MN) – A fundraiser has been started to help the family of an autistic Mankato boy recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Staci Dial’s five-year-old son Richard (RJ) began pulling on his ear a few weeks ago, and Dial assumed it was an ear infection.  RJ, who is non-verbal, had a routine doctor’s appointment scheduled for the following day.

The doctor did blood work at the appointment, but even before Dial and RJ arrived home from the doctor’s office, she received a phone call asking that she bring RJ back to the clinic immediately.  That’s when she found out RJ had leukemia.

Dial’s son was rushed to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital, where he’s received ongoing treatment.  He was released over the weekend, but returned to the hospital Monday morning.

A family friend has started a Go Fund Me page to help the family with medical and travel expenses.  Updates on RJ’s condition are also posted on the fundraising page.

There was $150 raised at the time this article was written.

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