(Fairmont, MN) – A Fairmont man is accused of assaulting a pregnant woman known to him.

Justin Phillip Crowe, 31, was charged Monday in Martin County District Court with two counts of felony domestic assault.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police she went to retrieve Crowe from Blazer Bar in Fairmont and took his cell phone to get him to leave the bar.  The woman, who police say is a family or household member of Crowe’s, said Crowe came up behind her on Park Street and twisted her arms, then threw her to the ground.  The victim told police Crowe pushed her face into the concrete and pinned her to the ground while she screamed for help.

The woman told police that Crowe is aware that she is five months pregnant.

Crowe eventually released his hold on the woman and she gave him his cell phone, according to the complaint.

The victim complained of pain in her jaw and face.  Ambulance crews later documented redness to those areas, according to court documents.

The woman also told investigators that Crowe slapped her earlier that day over something she laughed at on Facebook.

Crowe denied assaulting the woman, according to the complaint.  Police say he has three or more prior domestic violence-related convictions.

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