(Mankato, MN) – A cooking-related fire caused moderate damages but prompted officials to educate about the proper way to extinguish kitchen fires.

Lt. Jay Kopischke with Mankato Public Safety said the department was called to the 200 block of Tanager Path Thursday night, where the homeowners had been cooking throughout the evening.

Kopischke said the occupants of the home were using oil for frying when a small fire started on the stove.  “The homeowner put water on a grease fire, which expanded the fire rapidly,” said Kopischke.   The fire extended to the cabinets in the kitchen, and the occupants exited the house to call for emergency help.

Because the residence is in a townhouse complex, the neighboring home and adjacent property were evacuated for safety.

“We just want to make sure that everybody knows not to put water on grease fires,” said Kopischke.  “The best way to extinguish a cooking fire is to use a fire extinguisher.  You can place a lid back on the pot, that will put the fire out, even a cookie sheet over the top will put the fire out, but do not apply water.”

Fire crews were on the scene just over an hour.

Damages are estimated at $5,000, and were contained to the home where the fire started.  No one was injured.

Cooking is the top cause for fires, nationally, and in Mankato.

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