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There is only one stone that matters… and it is hidden. This cherished gem will earn you many rewards. An army of rockers will be searching. The storm is coming… from Rock Street Auto 

Be listening to Spence, Zimmy, Blazeman and Jonny for clues on the air starting the week of April 1st. We will also post those clues here too.


  • a four pack of tickets
  • meet & greets
  • electric guitar signed by Halestorm







#1 Tuesday, April 2nd: The search for the Halestone begins today. Just how many blocks are you from the magic rock? The southwest side of the realm may have less snow and mud to look through but might not be the best place to start your journey.

#2 Wednesday, April 3rd: Just to be clear there are many fine towns in the realm but only one is welcoming the storm. The stone you seek is within a 3-4 mile radius from our Grand Hall…


#3 Thursday, April 4th: Is the Halestone outside or in? The rock is not hidden in any hotel or in room 1334. To disturb this stone you will need to be outside with the tree’s and the leaves. Depending on where you start do not search to far East.

#4 Friday, April 5th: So if it’s not East does that mean look West? Well sort of and a bridge will be in your future. The stone you seek isn’t next to water but there is water near by.

#5 Monday, April 8th:

People have read and re-read the clues.

After a weekend to think it’s time to take a step in the right direction.

That means finding the right bridge into the realm.

However keep in mind there are clues inside clues…

#6 Tuesday, April 9th: A star city in it’s own right, hopefully you’ve made the journey across the river. Whether on foot, car or bike many pass by the stone everyday.

#7 Wednesday, April 10th: Spring is a wonderful time in the realm with many places to sit and enjoy a fine ale. The halestone remains undiscovered… take a seat and review the clues while you enjoy the sight of our beautiful hillside.

#8 Thursday, April 11th: The new snow will present a challenge in finding the halestone. Will you need a shovel to find the magical rock? Most likely and yes it does stink!

#9 Friday, April 12th: A fitting quote from Caddyshack

Ty: I’ll drop by. You drop by my place any time.

Carl: What’s your address? You’re on Briar, right?

Ty: Briar, yeah. Number 2.

Carl: Do you have a pool?

Ty: A pool and a pond. A pond would be good for you. Natural spring water.

Carl: Anything would be good.

#10 Monday, April 15th: The rickety white bridge will get you close… find the cinders and you’ll find the stone!




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