Creation Station

 Do you know where Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt got their start?  Most likely coloring at school!!

Teachers and parents know how great it makes a kid feel when you display students’ artwork in the hall or a special wall in your classroom… Well now you can share that with us too with our Creation Station… Submit your entry today and we’ll hang those works of art on our studio wall and on our website too. Creation Station from Mount Kato Ski Area, Mankato Pizza Ranch, Dairy Queen Adams St. and St. Peter, Pepsi of Mankato and Rock 95.

  • Download one of the Creation Station coloring pages
  • Teachers and parents have the kids color
  • Take a photo of completed coloring group project
  • Submit the entries for your chance to win lots of prizes. 



Thanksgiving Turkey CreationStation-8

Skiing Snowman Creation Station

Singing Animals With Mics Creation Station

Little Ducky Creation Station

Hillbilly Rabbit Creation Station

Doggy Creation Station

Christmas Tree Animals Singing Creation Station