(Gaylord, MN) – Police say a weed deal that didn’t go down as planned led to a hammer attack in Gaylord.

Marc Anthony Boxton, 59, was charged Thursday in Sibley County Court with felony second-degree assault and misdemeanor counts of fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was going to purchase $20 in weed from Boxton.  He stopped at Casey’s for cash, according to the complaint, but Boxton was gone when he returned.  The victim told police he was angry and called Boxton “bad names,” which resulted in Boxton sending him a threatening text.

Court documents say the men met in a parking lot where Boxton ran at the victim with a hammer.  The victim told police Boxton hit him at least once with the hammer and punched him several times.

Boxton admitted to police the incident started because of a weed deal and said he’d intended to hit the victim with a hammer, but never actually did.

Police say the victim had several visible injuries.

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