(Mankato, MN) – A Mapleton man faces criminal charges, accused of assaulting a firefighter who responded to his medical emergency call.

Carlos James Salinas Jr., 35, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with two felony counts of 4th-degree assault for the February 2nd incident.

According to the criminal complaint, the Mapleton Fire Department responded to a medical call for a heart attack.  Salinas told responders he was hot, stripped naked, and exclaimed he was Jesus as emergency personnel tried to examine him.    Responders said it appeared Salinas was having a mental health episode.

A witness told police Salinas had said his heart was beating too fast, then fell on the floor and had a seizure, according to the complaint.

Salinas hit two responders in the face, biting one, as they scuffled and tried to hold him down, according to the complaint.  One of the firefighters was hit below the eye and had bleeding in the mouth and also had visible bite marks.

Salinas is due in court March 21.

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