(Mankato, MN) – A man who allegedly provided synthetic weed to his friend now faces criminal charges after the friend reacted poorly to the drug.

James Edward Andreasen, 38, no permanent address, was charged with felony great bodily harm caused by distribution of drugs in Blue Earth County Court Monday.

According to the criminal complaint, Andreasen’s friend was found by police in a van on Van Brunt Street Friday, his eyes rolling back in his head as he “muttered incoherent words.”  Police say the victim’s condition deteriorated even as medical personnel arrived on-scene to treat him.  Court documents say the man lost control of his bladder, his breathing became shallow, and his skin pale.  He was transported to intensive care and placed on breath support, according to the complaint.

Andreasen told police he and the victim had smoked “shaman” (a term for synthetic cannabis) and the victim had a bad reaction, according to the complaint.  The victim began acting crazy within ten minutes of smoking, Andreasen told police, so he took him into the van.  Andreason said the victim began to fight him, then locked himself in the van and began tearing it apart.

Following the interview, Andreasen asked to leave the police station, saying that he needed to smoke synthetic weed or he would have withdrawals.

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