(Marshall, MN) – A Lyon County man is accused of years of sexual abuse of a girl known to him.

Paul David Lightfoot Jr., 31, of Marshall, was charged last week with three felony counts of criminal first-degree sexual conduct in Lyon County Court.

Court documents say a citizen called police to report an assault at a neighbor’s home.  Responding officers helped a naked teen girl out of the window, who told police that Lightfoot had just sexually assaulted her and was about to rape her when officers arrived.  The girl said Lightfoot had been molesting her since she was five years old, and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone.

“It’s been hard to live my life,”  the girl told police when she spoke of the abuse.  The criminal complaint says Lightfoot often bribed her, allowing her to hang out with her friends in exchange for sexual favors.

In a forensic interview, the victim said the sexual abuse began with fondling and oral sex, progressing to intercourse when she was in about seventh grade.  She also recalled a time that Lightfoot had tied her up with duct tape and zip ties before raping her, according to the complaint.

Lightfoot was found in the shower and arrested.  A condom and wrapper, which the victim had told police Lightfoot was going to use just before they arrived, was discovered in her bedroom.

Lightfoot declined to interview with police, saying he wanted to speak with an attorney.

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