(Albert Lea, MN) – The owner of an Albert Lea car dealership is accused of offering a woman the option to perform sex acts in lieu of her late car payments

Forty-four-year-old Timothy Brian Mann, the owner of Mann Motors, was charged Wednesday with gross misdemeanor counts of prostitution in Freeborn County Court.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police she’d purchased a vehicle on payments from Mann Motors in April 2018, but fell behind on the payment schedule after $3,000 in repairs were required.

Mann offered to meet the woman in the Albert Lea Home Depot parking lot to discuss how they could “work something out” for the late payments, according to the complaint.  Although Mann told her to not to say anything to anyone, she told police she had her mother and sister follow her in case he repossessed her vehicle.

According to the complaint, Mann invited the woman into his truck when she arrived at their meeting location, where he asked her if she could detail cars.  When the victim explained that she had never done car detailing, court documents said Mann responded with “let’s think of a creative way,” and placed his hand on his crotch area.

The victim told police it was at that point she realized how Mann wanted her to pay off the vehicle.

Mann allegedly told the victim to tell her mother and sister she was going to look at other cars.  She told police she used the opportunity to push record on her phone.

The charges say that when the victim returned to Mann’s truck, he told her that he would clear out all of her past due payments if she gave him a blowjob, and would forgive the entire vehicle debt if they had sex the following day.  Police say there is an audio recording of the conversation.

According to court documents, Mann drove out of the Home Depot lot and unzipped his pants.  The victim told police he pulled his penis out and masturbated as they drove, and continued to press her for a blowjob.  Mann became irritated as the woman told him she didn’t want to do it, according to the complaint.

Court documents say Mann eventually drove her back to Home Depot and told her not say anything.

In a police interview, Mann denied having any conversations with the woman, meeting her at Home Depot, or giving her a ride.  “All I know is she owes me money on a car; if there is anything else being said it’s false,” Mann said, according to the complaint.  Police told him of the audio the victim had recorded, and he requested to speak to a lawyer.  He also asked investigators what he needed to do to clear up any “battle” with them, according to the complaint.

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