(Windom, MN) – Charges filed in Cottonwood County Court Tuesday say a 3-year-old girl suffered broken ribs and other injuries while under the care of her mother’s mentally impaired friend.

A criminal complaint says Kaytlin Anderson, 19, of Lamberton, bit the child on the arm, then picked her up by the hair and swung her around.  Anderson is facing charges of felony third-degree assault following the Nov 19th incident.

The girl’s mother talked to police at the Windom Hospital Emergency Room, where she took her daughter after the alleged assault.  Court documents say Anderson is the best friend of the mother, who told police that Anderson is “mentally impaired,” but watches the girl because she has nowhere else to take the child.

Anderson told police that the girl “talked too much,” when asked why she hurt the child.

The girl told police the assault began when Anderson became upset with her over a board game.  The girl said Anderson bit her arm, picked her up off the ground by her hair, scratched her neck,  hit her on the forehead, and kicked her several times.

The criminal complaint says the child suffered four broken ribs as a result of the alleged assault.  The child’s mother provided police with a bag containing the child’s hair that had been allegedly pulled out when Anderson picked her up.  Police say they observed a “perfect imprint of teeth marks” on the girl’s arm.

Anderson has been summoned to appear in court on Dec 31st.

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